Online course. Nurse Practitioner practice issues are examined with a focus on quality assurance, safe delivery, and ethical patient care within the legal parameters of Nurse Practitioner practice from a local, state, and national perspective. Organization and management theory are analyzed in relation to primary care and Nurse Practitioner role and practice.

Online course. Course reviews the principal way health care and specifically primary care is organized and financed, and identifies current issues in health care organizations and financing.

The Culminating Experience will be the capstone course for the FNP student. The Culminating Experience is in the form of a Clinical Simulated Exam (CSE) and will be based on a standardized client. There are three parts to the Experience that will simulate a clinical encounter with a client: the student must demonstrate the ability to 1) gather subjective and objective data from a client, 2) develop and present a logical assessment and plan for a client, and 3) in a scholarly manner apply theoretical principles to client care.

Designed for students working on their thesis or master's project but who have otherwise completed all graduate coursework toward their degree. This course cannot be applied toward the minimum number of units needed for completion of the master's degree.

Individually arranged course for one or more students who wish to pursue academic interests beyond the scope of the regular curriculum.

A single topic or set of related topics not ordinarily covered in the graduate curriculum (e.g., nursing administration and supervision, curriculum development and teaching methods). The course may be repeated for credit with a different topic, to a maximum of 12 units.

Research on thesis developed by student in consultation with Nursing department faculty, and approved by the department and the student's Thesis Committee.