Post-Licensure BSN


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CNCEM Program Details: CNECM Admission PowerPoint
CNECM Deadline: Application Open: Jan 15th - March 1st CNECM Application for Summer 2023  

There are two tracks in the program the Collaborative Nursing Education Continuum Model (CNECM) and the Traditional RN TO BSN. The curriculum is the same in both tracks, the admission and course sequence vary.

Collaborative Nursing Education Continuum Model (CNECM) Track

Admission while in 1st year of ADN

ADN students currently enrolled in a service area community college are admitted by the Nursing Department to the CNECM Post-License BSN track in spring and take 8 units in Extended Education prior to CSU matriculation. The first course is taken in the summer between 1st and 2nd ADN year.

Application Spring

January 15 - March 1

Traditional RN TO BSN Track

Admission after completion of ADN

Admission to all California State University post-licensure ADN-to-BSN degree programs includes completion of an Associate's Degree in Nursing and CSU Systemwide Nursing Program Admission Prerequisites. Qualified RN’s are admitted by the Nursing Department and take a minimum of eight units in Extended Education prior to CSU matriculation.

Not currently admitting for 2023, subject to change