Pre-Licensure General Application Questions

If I am a transfer student, is the application process any different?
Transfer students must apply to the university by November 30. Then, apply to the Nursing department by the deadline. You will not be notified from the University admissions and Records until after admissions decisions have been finalized in the Nursing Department (late March).

What is included in the application?

  • B or above in all Pre-requisites. A maximum of 1 science and 1 non-science prerequisite may be in progress by the nursing supplemental due date.
  • Official TEAS Exam - A minimum rawscore of 78% of your total score on the Test of Essential Academic Skills(see homepage)
  • 1 Essay -  two double-spaced typewritten pages for the prompted question (no smaller than 12 font)- uploaded in documents section of NursingCAS application. Prompted questions are listed in the documents section of the Department supplemental application on NursingCAS
  • Official Transcripts - Two Sets 
    • SSU Admission & Records
    • NursingCAS

How do I apply?

Both Applications must be completed.

What if I have questions about the NursingCAS?

Go to NursingCAS FAQ's for help with transcripts, uploading documents, etc.

Where do I send my Official transcripts?

  • SSU Admissions & Records 
  • NursingCAS - see academic portion for instructions & address 

What fees are associated with application?

  • SSU (transfer students)
  • NursingCAS (once application is submitted)
  • Mail check or money order to the Nursing Department 

Do I need to send transcripts to the Nursing Department?

No, nothing gets sent to the Nursing Dept. except the processing fee.

Can I have outstanding prerequisites when I apply? 

You may have 1 science and 1 non science prerequisite course outstanding at the time of application. All outstanding coursework must be completed by June 1st before you will start your BSN coursework in August.

What score do I need to get on the TEAS Exam for  Nursing Department?

Adjusted Individual Total Score
Score Points
90.5 or above 15
90.4-87.5 12
87.4-84.3 9
84.2-82.0 6
81.1-78.0 3
Below 77.9 0

Up to 15 points.

How is my GPA converted to points? 

We take your pre-requisite GPA and your overall GPA and multiply them each by 6.25 to get a maximum of 25 points. Example: 3.2 GPA x 6.25 = 20pts

When are applications available? 

University Applications are available October 1 through November 30(may be extended) at Apply early! 
Department applications will be available on starting November 24th with a deadline of January 24th at 9pm PST, NursingCAS is on the East Coast. 

When are admissions decisions final?

 We try to get admissions decisions completed mid March.  All admission notifications will be sent via email.