What is the clinical commitment?

The clinical component currently constitutes a minimum of 3 hours/clinical unit per week thus if you are registered for 3 units = 9 hours, 4 units = 12 hours etc. 

Please note that all clinical courses are 16 weeks in length. 

N550 ABC FNP clinical course
Times vary according to the needs of the clinical setting and the number of units however even in these courses you will be required to attend on campus at your site for seminars, and simulated exam testing. In the second and thirds semesters of clinical N550B/C respectively the clinical course constitutes a minimum of 12 hours per week each.
N509 Advanced Health Assessment
(2 units didactic and 2 units of clinical lab)
You will register for one of these section days -Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday all day from 9-5 pm on campus for first 8 weeks of Semester.
N549 Health Maintenance
(3 units of clinical)
Commitment will be on Tuesdays SSU HMC week 9-16 or Wednesday’s week 9-16 and with clinical preceptor week 10-16.  You will hear more details about this and will sign up for your days the first day of class.  You will have a simulated exam for one day.