New Hire Instructions (lecturers, clinical instructors)

Get Started - email, workstation setup, links for new employees

Once you get an email address and have access to your MYSSU, you will need to submit a key request form for the skills lab for the semester you are working. Once the form is complete, it will be routed to the appropriate administrator for signature and forwarded to Seawolf Services. You will go to Seawolf Services to get your picture taken for your ID card and get your key. The ID will have a strip on the back which will be activated within 24 hours to allow you access to the east entry door that has a swipe and code feature. The other key is for the classroom.

You may submit a form to get paid by direct deposit or pick up your paychecks from campus monthly. There are some helpful resources on our faculty resource page as well as faculty affairs. 

Let us know if you would like to be set up with a phone number extension.

If you have any questions or need anything, including supplies for teaching or your home office, please email the Department of Nursing Administrative Coordinator.