Nursing Goals and Tactics




  1.  > 90%  NCLEX Pass Rates


  1.  > 80%  National Certification Pass Rates


  1. > 90% Employment of new grads within 6 mths of graduation


  1. >90%  Completion/graduation

Remain competitive with degree completion compared to sister CSU programs.

  1. Close equity gap

Provide increased writing support to meeting the needs of working, diverse and distant students

Assure online offerings of UDGE to address the diverse distant student needs

  1. Increase resources to meet current clinical teaching needs for simulation and clinical skills seminars

Increase opportunities for skill practice on site

Onsite simulation lab with dedicated coordinator

  1. Onsite simulation lab with dedicated coordinator


  1. Maintain 120 units for BSN without accruing excess units

Improve transfer credit for transfer students, accept lower division Ethnic Studies course from community colleges.

Gain approval for “met in major” for two areas of UDGE with nursing curriculum, which is congruent with other CSU nursing programs.

  1. 100% of students have quality service learning experiences

Ongoing development and evaluation of clinical partnerships




  1. Professional development around various teaching modalities

Education for faculty around incorporation of technology, QOLT, ATI, Evolve, Simulation in their teaching

  1. Annual Program evaluations

Review SETEs, Course evaluations (each semester and overall program evaluations (annually)

  1. Provide high quality f2f and online education to our distant and local students

Review pedagogy annually to incorporate feedback for improvement revisions

Use validated metrics to create and develop curriculum that meet California State requirements for licensure as well as the bachelorette and master’s essentials.

  1. Update resources to provide clinical teaching to meet contemporary standards

Secure space on campus to provide simulation for students

Provide opportunity for students to remediate as needed

  1. Improve transfer credit for transfer students





  1. Leadership succession plan

Identify resources necessary to allow for succession plan (hiring in anticipation of vacancy) with job shadow prior to position change.

  1. Resources for Directors and Assistant Directors of Programs which are required position for BRN and ACEN

Review strategic budget to designated line item for required faculty release time

  1. Professional development for faculty in curriculum development, program evaluation, accreditation, grant writing, community based research & leadership development

Provide opportunities for faculty to attend CE conferences

Expand Professional Development opportunities through the Faculty Center

Assign mentors to Junior faculty assist with developing skills set to become course leads, coordinators and for leadership roles


  1. Provide Professional Development for Students: Nursing club, Nursing Honor Society, Program Ambassadors and Class Reps.

Encourage students to participate in Nursing Club, NSNA, CSNA, STTI, STTLG, Class Representatives




Amplify and augment the Nursing Departments impact on meeting the health needs of our regional communities and service area.

Encourage volunteerism in our student and faculty

Graduate high quality individuals to meet the needs within our service area and improve the health of community

Deploy nursing talent (faculty, staff and students) for community-based service learning through research and community engagement

Promote community partnership by developing relevant PICO projects that benefit the various agencies


Increase the number of BSN prepared nurses and Primary Care APRNs to improve the health of our community.

Graduates become leaders to meet complex demands in healthcare

Generate BSN and MSN prepared Primary Care Providers (FNP)

Provide online education for working, diverse, distant students to close the equity gap

Remain competitive with degree cost and completion compared to sister CSU Programs.