SSU Veteran Policy

Sonoma State University Policy Compliance with BRN Regulations for Awarding of Credit for Previous Education or Other Acquired Knowledge, Including Military Education and Experience


Sonoma State University complies with California Board of Registered Nursing regulations SB1348 as follows:  

  1. The Pre-licensure Student Handbook shall include a section referring to Executive Order 1036 policy System-wide Admission Eligibility and/or Baccalaureate Credit Awarded for External Examinations, Experiential Learning, and Instruction in Non-Collegiate Settings (Executive Order) as the mechanism for awarding course credit for previous education or other acquired knowledge, including military education and experience. The Students handbook should note that this policy applies to all students, including those who have served or are serving in the United States Armed Forces. 
  2. The campus nursing webpage listing information on its pre-licensure program shall provide a link identified as “Information on the awarding of course credit for prevision education or other acquire knowledge, including military education and experience” that directs to the pre-licensure student handbook.
  3. A form outlining the procedures will be provided and kept as a record in the student’s file (see page two of this document). The procedural section shall include the following key elements: 

3.1 A beginning and ending timeline for notification by the student to the undergraduate nursing program director or designee of request to seek credit for coursework and presentation of materials, documents and evidence for consideration for a specify course(s).  The student must adhere to this timeline for consideration in order that necessary clearance may be granted.

3.2 A timeline for review of student materials, documents and evidence by the appropriate faculty or faculty group and notification to the applicant of the decision to award or not award credit or the need to request a challenge examination for the CSU Nursing course to determine proficiency of knowledge and or skills. 

3.3 Identification of any meetings that must take place between faculty and student.

  1. The student's individual program planner reflects adjustments made with the awarding of credit by external examination or the process through which evaluation of learning, knowledge, or skills acquired through experience was granted.