Strategic Plan for Nursing Department

Mission:  Develop and maintain excellent programs of undergraduate and graduate instruction according to the overall mission of Sonoma State University and the California State University system.  Provide the foundation for lifelong learning, practice nursing within a broad cultural perspective while affirming intellectual and aesthetic achievements as part of the human experience.  Develop professional leadership and active citizenship fostering flexibility and resilience for a career in nursing within a dynamic world.  Our graduates will contribute to the health and well-being of the world at large.

Vision Statement: The Department of Nursing dynamically embraces and celebrates diversity, courage, and seamless learning in leading and mentoring communities of students, faculty and the profession to shape the future of health care.

Core Values:  Diversity and Social Justice
                         Sustainability and Environmental Inquiry
                         Connectivity and Community Engagement
                         Adaptability and Responsiveness



  • NCLEX Pass Rates
  • National Certification Pass Rates
  • Employment rates
  • Degree Completion/Graduation
  • Writing Support
  • Increase skill time
  • Simulation lab onsite
  • Teaching tools (Technology, ATI, Evolve, Simulation)
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Online quality courses/F2F quality courses
  • Space needs on campus (simulation, classes)
  • Remain competitive with degree completion compared to sister CSU programs



  • Leadership succession plan (Chair, Directors, Assistant Directors)
  • Professional Development for Faculty
  • Leadership opportunities for Student (Nursing Club, STT, Class representatives)
  • Meeting needs within service area
  • More BSN and Primary Care providers (FNP)
  • Quality graduates which will improve health of community


Strategic Priorities for University

Specific Strategic Priorities for Department of Nursing