PHN Process

1. Complete the BRN Application for PHN Certification Form

  • Application for California Public Health Nurse (PHN) Certification 

    • Follow METHOD A

  • For the Public Health Nurse Education section:

    • Name of Academic Program: Sonoma State University, Department of Nursing, Rohnert Park, California, and USA.

    • In the right hand box: Check "Baccalaureate Degree".

    • Add the date you entered the nursing program, and the date of your graduation.

  • For the section regarding verification of child abuse/neglect prevention training, fill in the following:

    • CE Provider/School name: Sonoma State University.

    • Course Name and Number: Include the following statement, “Included in SSU BSN Curriculum”

    • Number of Hours: Not needed. Leave blank.

  • Complete the Background Information section as instructed

  • Add your photo, sign and date the application.

Note: If you elect to use the online process for applying for PHN certification and fee payment, you must still complete step 2 as stated below.

2. Complete the BRN Request for Transcript - PHN Certification Form

Scan and email the completed BRN Request for Transcript - Public Health Nurse Certification form to the Sonoma State University Department of Nursing ( Once complete, the Department of Nursing will return it to you to be matched with your official transcript. Forms will be completed once degree has posted.

3. Request Official Sonoma State University Transcripts.

Once you receive the completed PHN Certification Form from the Department of Nursing, order an official transcript (instructions for ordering) from the Office of the Registrar to be sent to the BRN PHN unit. Include this completed form as an attachment to be sent along with your transcript.

Note: New grads from either the basic BSN or RN-BSN program must wait until transcripts include all completed course work and reflect the nursing degree awarded and date conferred. 

BRN Mailing Address:

Advanced Practice Unit – PHN Certification
Board of Registered Nursing
P. O. Box 944210
Sacramento, CA 94244-2100

The above information was obtained from and modified specifically for use by Sonoma State Department of Nursing.


Request that your official transcript be mailed to the BRN street address:

Advanced Practice Unit – PHN Certification
Board of Registered Nursing
1747 N. Market Blvd., Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95834