What is the CNECM Program?

  • The CNECM is an “early start” to Upper Division Nursing coursework toward the BSN.  

  • Current first semester-first year ADN students enrolled at CNECM partners apply while in ADN programs

The Collaborative Nursing Education Continuum Model (CNECM) is an educational partnership between Sonoma State University Department of Nursing and the ADN programs at SSU service area Community Colleges (Santa Rosa Junior College, Napa Valley College, Mendocino College, College of Marin, and Solano Community College). The CNECM educational continuum model provides qualified and admitted ADN students an “early start” to the Post-Licensure BSN Program Track by enrollment in BSN courses at Sonoma State University while obtaining the Associate Degree in Nursing at their home community college. CNECM students become “CPOST” students upon full admission to the university after completion of their ADN and RN Licensure (Nurs 312 and 313 will be completed in summer sessions).